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Queerness is reality acid.

This is a very good thing.

I will not elaborate further.

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A warning to those who have followed me recently: I am explicitly not professional in any sense here. This is my Personal BDSM & Queerness & Grumbles & Art Account. You have been Warned.

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Labels are beacons, not fences.

It’s not whether you’re in or out, they’re just milestones by which you set your tent.

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uspol, itpol, this is absolutely nonconstructive, the ‘first time’ gallows meme 

Me, as power capture destroys a democracy and kills the ability for the people in it to survive, having emigrated from Italy:

moonday, marsday, mercuryday, jupiterday, venusday, sabbath, “day of the lord”

days in italian kinda translated

I’m 36 (of 40) weeks pregnant and could go any time, trying to get our little family into our own housing away from my controlling parents before birth. My wife has good Union job prospects, we’re just running very low on time

any assistance will go towards rent and deposit, goal is $2k. I know it’s a lot, it can be a loan if need be, just mark as such! thanks so much y’all for getting us this far! #mutualaid
$app: $glamorshark
venmo: @londonshine
revolut: @glamorshark

Money help request, stress, test, CDL work 

my CDL test is finally actually scheduled.

On top of the $275 it's going to cost to take the test itself, it's going to cost me $600 to rent a truck to take it with. Most of $1000 for a single attempt.

Our money shit is already hell. If i pay this whole thing, i am not sure we'll be able to pay rent for the next few months to get out of this current place without getting evicted. So... i am begging for help here. Please help me cover this test?


I wonder if there's such a thing as guerilla gardening geocaching.

Planted wheat, barley and mustard greens at 50°8.409'N 124°56.842'W

Planted lentils, mung beans and radishes at 50°8.527'N 124°40.195'W


Doing the perfectly neutotypical ™ thing of rehearsing fantasy discussions in my head, except for once instead of just catharsis my brain has offered a powerful dialectical analysis of what went wrong in my last position at the job and ooooof.

tl;dr: it’s many things, but it’s partly an environment wildly inconducive to ADHD-warped expectation-reward cycles.

done for tonight! Zone 5 is clear, and the final boss?

still there. but it very nearly took it down for its first time ever, and believes it has a viable strategy for next stream! see what that will look like in tonight's VOD:

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about to tackle Zone 5 of Assault Android Cactus at as far as this one is concerned, Assault Androids are a kind of combat doll; thus, this game must be easy for it… right?

Funny I’m making a CC-NC card game while listening to Spice8Rack talk about MtG Un-sets while being unable to poke at capitalism and profit motive warping design objectives during his critique (at

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