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Labels are beacons, not fences.

It’s not whether you’re in or out, they’re just milestones by which you set your tent.

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polyamory, consensual non-monogamies, conference 

the #eNMCI Conference starts tomorrow. Free to watch / join!

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Begpost, Please Boost 

hey guys, things have been rough and i need some help again, im sorry to do this again but i literally have no one else to turn to

i recently had to stop working due to my disability worsening suddenly, my husband started his first day of work Monday, but we still need a bit of help to get through the month as we are still trying to recover from almost being homeless

I need $175 for rent for October

i know this is a lot to ask but i really appreciate everyone's help while my husband tries to help us get on our feet and i attempt to get SSDI

Commission Info: (gallery is NSFW)


CashApp: $SCoyote

Venmo: SCoyote

#mutualaid #mutualaidrequest #transcrowdfund


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a Gender Thing i think about sometimes 

cis libs making an announcement: good evening guys gals and nonbinary pals! ladies and gentlemen and all those inbetween or outside!!

trans people making an announcement: good evening everyone

mh ~ 

correction: I did not block or mute the artist, whose Patreon I am on.

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mh ~ 

me: so, let me get this right
me: go ahead
me: so, every single person who has worked on this game, you blocked or muted on twitter
me: yup
me: the thing the composer of this game did to their roommates was so bad you changed your entire understanding of power dynamics when shelter and money are involved
me: yeah…
me: the fallout of what happened with this writer’s previous work is so big you’re still low key angry about it
me: correct!
me: … and you still bought this new game.
me: … yeah.

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begposting :boost_ok: 

please boost :boost_ok: :boost_ok: :boost_ok:

so @penelope finally did get a job but we're coming up a little short right now because her first full paycheck isn't until next week and I had to use basically all of mine to pay a bill, so we could definitely use some help to make it until Thursday ❤️

Venmo: @fairlady_z

Bitcoin: 1PzTaqmKPX84BmCLRWX6SQ52ox7WDu81Lf
Ethereum: 0x0cf493284115BFB7AAd788ad58e01085f7A39222
Litecoin: LhyF87PxopXNi9i74iD2DJzhsLSmghbT5y
Monero: 89MTBYa2VMr5GvMf4PCzTyi4YvJh7h2h1J6bL2j1EHcmAzRTBApsqdibVjDDhQHce4FMDzFPP6FA62bjczSfDGxC4LWFNgg

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Homelessness is growing across so-called Canada amidst the pandemic + overdose crisis + the State's response is to evict encampments, attack mutual aid projects + destroy tiny homes - actual solutions to the crisis. Don't miss coverage from @CdnTireFire.


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very big Deathloop spoilers 

holy shit I'm so happy that it exists within the world of Dishonored.

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