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Labels are beacons, not fences.

It’s not whether you’re in or out, they’re just milestones by which you set your tent.

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Radfem should be like a femme that skateboards or one that's irradiated, not this terf bullshit. What a waste.

brutalism twitter coming out of it's cinderblock cube to shame mankind

menga is like jenga but each block is individually scented with ax body spray

As Pride Month nears it's end, the other six members of the Seven Deadly Sins begin to wonder when they'll get months dedicated to them. Pride, meanwhile, is just trying to get them to understand that he's not actually the focus of Pride Month.
#writingprompts #writing

another poor trans person asking for money :/ 

Except it’s not a physical force; it’s an infection.

After landing back in Italy and being in Southern Italy in more than a decade, I get why “Culture” in Heaven Will Be Mine worked the way it does.

I want kinky fiction written from a D perspective

Everything I find is written from a s POV

rude of straight people to just be out there without a content warning, tbh

asking for help 

hey y'all, here's a big reminder that neopronouns, otherkin, and non-dysphoric trans/enby folks are all valid as heck

i love and support and appreciate y'all, for real :purple_sparkling_heart: :purple_sparkling_heart: :blobcatheart: :purple_sparkling_heart: :purple_sparkling_heart:


Been tinkering with this on and off between client work and video editing. Its def helped work out my more depressive episodes💞 . Hopefully I'll finish it someday soon.

why is the porn manga with the weird consent mess some of the best lgbtqia+ and polyamory advocacy I’ve ever seen in manga

In 2000, we were able to identify the Standard Model relationship with the confirmation of the existence of "Waluigi".

Some have proposed the Supersymmetry Model; I say this model does not go far enough.

What I am proposing is a radical paradigm shift from even just a generation ago: with the confirmed existence of Gooigi, the entire model as we've known it was thrown into disarray.

The String Theory Model attempts to reconcile that which we know to be true, and that which we do not yet know.

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