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Labels are beacons, not fences.

It’s not whether you’re in or out, they’re just milestones by which you set your tent.

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my job: i will Drink up All The Sun light from Your Day.... And spit Out the Empty Glass of Your night

me: ok i guess

Downloaded Clip Studio last week and tried the watercolour brushes on these quick drafts

The app is super intuitive and I am enjoying painting on it so far- I might migrate here full time next year.

#Digital #WiP #Illustration #ClipStudio

LB: a package with explosives sent to the Ministry of Justice in Italy full of newspaper clippings about reinstating ousted far-right figure Salvini as minister; police immediately blames anarchic leftism.

it has the cycle of violence theme; it has the growth/addiction/transformation/religious nod; it has the sweeping synth and the piano;

and that hecking synth refrain is the audio equivalent of PLOT’s wing/motion line motif

TRANSCEND「devour your chrysalis」:plotWings:

I finally found the words to describe the genre I wanted for PLOT’s soundtrack (chillstep, melodic EDM) and briefly after, I found the closest thing to a theme song PLOT can possibly have:

All day today, I was really reassuringly bisexual.

Not all magical girls can transform unaided. Some need the help of pills, others shots, and still others need patches. But all magical girls are valid, including the ones that don't transform at all.

If your distributed communication solution requires people to sysadmin a server your distributed communication solution is wrong

If you heard me going on and on privately about ‘picoservers’ that’s what I am referring to.

I want to have a personal server dongle plugged into an outlet in my apartment, powering a Pi or some such, that accepts a standardized way for software I control to create persistent server deployments upon it for persistent peerage or similar applications.


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