Take back the applications. Reimplement and decentralize.

Take back the infrastructure. Create meshes, radio bridges. Make running your own server as easy as plugging something in.

Take back abuse prevention. Make security integral part of apps, and easy. Ensure one-click updates are possible from sources whose trust any person can verify. Make moderation distributed and accountable.

There was a golden moment in the late aughts when open source was flirting with understandability, usability and alternate ways of building interaction. It needs that ethos back, and for that to be back it needs to poison the tech-first, loud-and-privileged-people-first attitude that destroyed that moment.

@millenomi i remember that time. I was so excited back then and just kinda slowly despaired more and more as it all crumbled and decayed.

@millenomi we all grew up and got day jobs

How do we bring that back without fixing things so that it can BE the day job first?

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