one of my favourite books is a joint work by terry pratchett and neil gaiman, titled “good omens”. i have found out that there was a limited tv series made of it on amazon prime video. i am super apprehensive every time i see an advert for it. being one of my favourite books, it is easily ruined for me forever by this series, or could be quite fun and enjoyable. given the injustice that the dirk gently series got (unrelated), i’m not willing to try it though.


@demi the series was directed by Gaiman and made with heart and care.

@millenomi maybe; i just; i love books, and being one of my personal favourites i know how absolutely hit or miss that particular book was. most people i’ve directed to it have come away really hating it. i worry about budget, casting quality, and truth to source material. it looks like it is free to stream with prime so i have some time to decide. i appreciate the opinion though, thanks.

@millenomi okay, having watched it: i feel too much of gaiman was in this, not enough pratchett. some of the casting was off to me; aziraphale, death (especially!), famine, and some of the misc cast felt like weird portrayals to me. as far as adaptations go, it wasn’t bad, but i don’t think i would hold it nearly on par with the source material.

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