I want to have a personal server dongle plugged into an outlet in my apartment, powering a Pi or some such, that accepts a standardized way for software I control to create persistent server deployments upon it for persistent peerage or similar applications.

If you heard me going on and on privately about ‘picoservers’ that’s what I am referring to.

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@vyr I want to host my Masto instance on a picoserver! I want anyone to be able to host their Masto instance on a picoserver (and their Dat peer, and)

@millenomi ooh, are you using Dat for media storage? how's that working?

@vyr I’m using Beaker because the underlying idea of web but without the gatekeeping of the hosting-a-server skill gap is dope.

PLOT is up at dat://

@vyr (it’s being seeded by Hashbase. I’m unhappy about this.)

@millenomi oh i meant specifically for Mastodon media offload, since running Masto on disk-constrained devices like Pis is a horror show, and one could probably use other LAN peers running Dat just as well as any other storage plugin

@vyr now that you mention it, having toot media seeded by multiple devices would be really cool.

@millenomi for reference, the centralized solution is Jortage which vulpine and monsterpit are using, but theoretically you could get a more CDN-like experience with a pile of Dat peers (or Kad for that matter… i'm still trying to discern the major differences between Dat and the early-2000s DHT filesharing protocols)

@vyr Dat has a distributed ledger that lets only the posting party update files. I could imagine each Masto instance also being the main seeder for its own files.

@millenomi aha, that's the difference. most of the older ones assumed immutable files or collections. thanks.

@millenomi I still feel like the missing piece in Pi (particularly Zero W) hardware is a case which encloses it with a power adapter in a single unit, deployable to any power plug in the world

@ticky strong agree. In some versions of my idea, that case could even have a display (for PIN-protected key exchange during pairing).

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