Wow, Fedilab is pretty bad on tiny screens.


The Verge’s Dieter Bohn called this phone ‘two Apple Watches in a trenchcoat’ and it’s the most accurate description

@millenomi that's deliciously salty but i can't place the phone. did you get a RAZR or what?

@vyr also that’s barely any salt. it’s pretty literal.

@millenomi it's adorable! if only Android apps shared the original Palm design aesthetic for tiny tiny screens

@vyr many work pretty well! Twitter is perfect, browsing is decent, most of the apps I use daily (Lyft/BayWheels, MuniMobile, Transit) are nicely legible and perfectly usable

@millenomi it's mostly a question of whether anyone tested them on a small screen. i've seen the same issues on iOS, working with apps that still need to support the SE and designers that often don't want to

@vyr there are some things that help always even on larger form factors: scrollability, clear visual hierarchies, a thoughtful approach toward fewer elements of chrome.

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