Is there a way to speak out against the McCarthyist condemnations of RMS without defending RMS?

There's a very good case that he's a poor fit for any representative position.

There's a very poor case that he's a despicable human being.

If you can only oppose people if you can make yourself believe they are monsters, then you refuse to acknowledge that the status quo is perpetuated by perfectly likeable, decent human beings.


@michiel @valhalla I will say that we can absolutely talk about how these reactions become simplified in the presence of large crowds, but to talk about ‘RMS being despicable’ is a gross and terrible misrepresentation. You can make your own moral judgment about him and people are complex, but there are hard facts about racist and mysoginistic conduct from him that make him clearly unfit about being a leader in an organization that also includes marginalized people.


@michiel @valhalla a leader in an organization that in many ways for good or ill sets _policy and pace_ for the entire collective.



@michiel @valhalla I do understand that this criticism is a little off center; you do understand that conduct does not mean results.

I believe tho that painting outrage over actions with the broad brush of the flattening of a person to a moral position is a terrible way to represent the whole of the criticism that is being levied right now.

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