Still thinking of our aborted play of ‘i’m sorry did you say street magic’ when @vyr just right up plopped Borges’ Library of Babel into the city and we made it an anarchist university

The cafeteria is just yet another node, but books have been moved aside and tables have been dragged in, crock pots slow-cooking various kinds of meat and veggies, a couple people making sure that if a pot of coffee is done it is moved aside to warm up the next one. The ceiling is high — an open skylight, a rarity, lets the smells out — but it’s not enough to make the mixture slightly heavy, an atmosphere change that feels to some like home. An ideal place to study if you like the thrum of life.


(Of course it’s an anarchist university. It’s infinite, and if you don’t like what that professor teaches, you just move a little and start a new chapter, or delve deeper in search of signal within the noise.)

whoops I was reminded that this was @KitRedgrave’s contribution! Sorry!

@millenomi 3:30 am fedi wants to play "…street magic" again

@millenomi s'fine, it was so long ago...

would still love to pick it back up though, or play something anew with the same or similar group. especially since i am less anxious all the time

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