I would be lying if I said I’m not excited to play ninjas in Standard, especially with a tool as powerful as Zareth San already in the format.


me: *sees 2- and 3-pip cards in Eldraine* We’re going back to Theros baybeee
me also: *sees pseudo-ninjutsu being seeded in Standard* holy shit is Kamigawa happening holy shit


sorry: in Eldraine _and_ Core Set 2020. Those Cavaliers full of delicious devotion were signaling things from a mile away.


props to people passing me Cavalier of Flame in M20 draft for losing that tournament right there and then in a format that rewarded temur elementals heavily despite the triple pip

mtg, game design 


in any other game design, a costly multi-$-pay-per-attempt format where 4/5ths of your time are spent being brutally punished for your mistakes in the first fifth, where the mechanics of those 4/5ths only provided pretty limited* information about your mistakes in the first fifth would be regarded as a failure, and yet here we are with MtG and draft


mtg, game design 

* maybe there’s more information to be gleaned than I am capable and I’m in the minority on this? idk

custom ccgs, game design 

Anyway Diver: Core Link* has had for the last two years that I have files on it a design that’s a bit of a cross between NISEI sets and LCG-style packs:

- full set releases as print & play or Tabletop Simulator/Tabletopia/other online card table?-ready stuff.

- Play-and-go experience where you pick, say, 4-5 theme packs of 8-10 cards and shuffle them together and you get a viable deck, also nice to have from a Limited/Sealed perspective.

* most likely final name

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