Finally got around to unbox some of my books. (I have a fourth box that I ADHD-blinded myself from, oh no, this may require More Furniture.)

Don’t be fooled by the books — many of them I haven’t read, though my intent has always been to eventually do.

so far: shelf one: foundational Me, Here and Now:

Shelf Two: Comics, aka, What I Actually Read Most. I have read most of these. On the left are stories of queerness that resonate with me, on the right more general stuff I’ve kept.

Shelf Three: What little set of fiction books I kept on the left; in the middle, histories; on the right, texts on and around kink, whether fiction or reference guides.

Most of the fiction I consume I buy as ebook because the space needed to store all of that would be absolutely ludicrous otherwise.

Shelf Four: my small occult collection. It’s a collection more than a library bookshelf because I haven’t read most of them… yet. (I will eventually give in to the whispers.) Mostly about basic magic introductions or histories, or word magic/psychological effects of language.

Yes, I know Unknown Armies is not real. It’s dear to me anyway and I will die on the hill that it belongs here.

Full title listings are in the images’ alt text.

What was in the last box: several miscellaneous books, like my english edition of Shimanami Tasogare, and my full collection of PKNA: Paperinik New Adventures.

It mostly all fits! A bit random, to be sure, but nice and at hand now.


For another day, since this requires extra furniture and some thinking. But, the last box left in my office:

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