kink scene gripe 

Decades of queers fucking hard with gender and making themselves the backbone of the scene, and I still get invitations to events in my inbox that say sexist, essentialist bullshit like “female clothing optional”

kink scene gripe 

Like, I understand it may look innocuous, but you’ve summoned the great folly from beyond into your event invite. Even beyond the ‘what the fuck does female mean in this context’, if what the organizer meant was ‘clothing optional for people that make me horny’ that’s one Heck of a medium bad vibe for an instructor (too close to using the class for bait for my own comfort)

kink scene gripe 

can’t save this one fellas. just have to exorcise and cauterize and then clean up the bits of yog’sogoth’s flesh from the floor on this one

@millenomi make sure you separate your male and female clothes, unless you want a closet full of baby onesies

kink, bdsm, essentialism 

@annika they unambiguously meant that ‘females’, without specifying what that meant, and them only, could be in the teaching environment without clothing.

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