It’s 4 am and I am awake still. Oooof.

And I’ve also been reminded of my first therapist and why she sucked by a Twitter thread

brief cult mention 

She tried to send me to a sex cult back when I was feeling gross about sex and kink (due to dysphoria + cultural Catholic indoctrination combo).

We had a tête-à-tête afterwards where I was like, look, I’m hypnokinky and not so much of a fool that I don’t recognize a maladroit PUA-ish cult induction when I see one. Switched to a kink-positive, queer therapist right after that and fixed a lot more stuff since.

brief cult mention 

@millenomi I hope that sex cult therapist has a different job now, nowhere near mental health work

unlikely but I can hope

brief cult mention 

@Sorl meanwhile thankfully we do take care of our own

@Sorl a person opening to his therapist about a genetic disease that is very likely to cause cancer and the therapist pushing magic mushrooms et al as a cancer cure onto them

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