I started drafting a commander deck for my custom commander, though I am also going to buy Raggadragga to helm it if people don’t like the idea of a custom commander.

quick clarifications stuff 

- As it is a legendary creature, Borea can be your commander.
- Borea doesn’t have a cost. Since it isn’t cast, the “commander tax” does not apply to it.
- Its first ability lets you play it as a land from the command zone. This still obeys all other rules (for example, it uses your land play for the turn).
- Borea is a mountain and a forest and can be tapped for mana.

quick clarifications stuff 

- Borea’s ability never counts itself as one of the creatures it needs in order to become a creature itself.
- A creature land that’s also itself a Dragon, like a Faceless Haven, only counts as one creature for Borea’s ability.
- The first time you play Borea, you need 3 creatures. The second time you need 4, the third 5, and so on.
- Borea only counts the number of times it was played from the command zone to raise this number. Playing it from hand doesn’t raise it.

quick clarifications stuff 

- Borea’s activated ability can target any creature that’s also a land, or any one Dragon, including Borea itself.
- If Borea stops being a creature in response to its activated ability, the ability will do nothing as it resolves. It can be activated even if Borea isn’t a creature, but it will do nothing. (It still requires a legal target.)


This whole thing is just me looking at Arixmethes and going:

WotC, you cowards.

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