birdsite meta rant 

Piling on a person with a known history of mental health issues, especially through a communication medium that for like people is a lifeline to community, is a foreseeable cause of harm, and thus, in itself, violence.

This isn’t to say you shouldn’t employ violence, just be cognizant of what is going to happen.


birdsite meta rant, sui 

The fatality count from this tactic is nonzero.

birdsite, meta 

People are waiting in the wings to find an excuse to do lasting harm to you, example seven million.

And to be clear as much as you all rock I cannot allow myself to be vulnerable with almost any of you; any one of you will eventually harm me or someone I love and I’d rather be completely isolated than allow harm to occur. Sometimes I forget, but days like these I remember 2014 and shudder.

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