A new series of articles starting up today: worldbuilding! And this one is a map of the major features of the setting:


I want to put this as a worldbuilding article on the site, but for now, here, have a geopolitical map of the spiral.

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The bullshit you have to monitor that distracts you all day is actually less bad than the emails Twitter sends you about it

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anyway guess what house I am living the fictional US-style college experience I never had through

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One last thing: in , notionally thousands of years from present day, it is canon that fansubs still exist*:

*because the capitalist incentive systems that give birth to fansubs are still real.

Gods, even with what we published tonight at nanoswarm.space/, there is _so much more_ that I just want to set stuff in: [transcription in thread]

I haven’t written a setting guide yet, but I managed to fit in glossary entries and I hope it shows how much I fell for some bits of worldbuilding:

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Anyway, hey, here’s a home for , the TTRPG setting @vyr and I wrote up! There’s a while lot of short fiction based in that universe in there!

I described the setting as: "It’s a fantasy setting with hard sci-fi trappings about humanity breaking into another universe, fallen utopias, and everyday life in the thin sliver of this dead cosmos that was terraformed to sustain the descendants of these ancient interlopers.”


It’s just a static website with existing content, how much work would it—

oh, yeah, since the setting guide isn’t ready yet, I can do some original writing, I’ll store it in just a handful of html fragments—

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