ff16 kink shitpost 

just one Dominant per nation, huh

in the world of Final Fantasy, the top shortage has reached critical levels

UI rant 

something something why does youtube try to push mobile authorship when it is transparent to everyone that streaming/immediate video is just not what the platform is about

get that plus button out of my vtuber browsing, yt

the same thrill as my shameful years when I used to go look at fandom_wank when I was not in fandom myself whatsoever

Wandering Witch e2 

Me: joking about reading queerness in a non-queer text


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Wandering Witch e1:

You know I’m on board with an anime when it has both blackletter _and_ cursive form of its fantasy alphabet.

discourse; deep steven universe endgame spoilers 

I’ve been sitting with this a while.

meta. sad, angry, mh (PTSD), important 

as I wrote this, people from last weekend's terribleness stir immature shit with mod powers _on my timeline_, and I issue multiple blocks because this fucking place's gonna become like my Twitter account, isn't it

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They call this, calling your shot correctly

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