Me: maybe I can lower the power level if I do color subsets.
Me: oh no oh no a terrible idea

nationalism, which, fuck nationalism 

“Those who would die for their country, should please do, right now, real quick”

If I ever do custom commander, I think it’ll be either this DFC or the tamer one-sided one:

terminology vent, sex 

I keep getting alerts on things like these and I’m like. Is it impossible to produce a concept at scale that won’t be flattened and rendered into a strawman of itself?

I know precisely zero sex educators that have the stance described in this headline, and my first instinct is to suspect foul play here.

Yes, Fabled Passage is _not_ on the allow list. The definition is that a land is safe if:
- It’s basic; or
- It has no non-mana abilities that function on the battlefield,
- (Except for abilities that cause you to define relevant colors for mana abilities, or cause you to pay costs for playing the land, and have no other effect,)
- And has no card types other than land.

This is the current Standard allow list:

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Underdog format update:

Given that the MtGTop8 deck rankings are unreliable, instead it’s now 1 copy 1 vote. This is the new banlist, while I figure out how to isolate rarities more usefully:

(As ever, in Underdog, all Standard cards are legal except that the top 30 cards in each rarity are banned. Uncommons are banned if they are 2+ copies per deck; commons if 3+; and non-utility lands are never banned.)

mtg — new format proposal in here!!! 

New format: Underdog, or Shakeup.

Each month, the last twenty events on are tallied. The top 30 mythics, rares, 2+-per-deck uncommons and 3+-per-deck commons are BANNED, except for non-utility lands.

This would be close to the right banlist if it happened today:

I didn’t set out to have white as an aesthetic but I guess that’s the case now

“Being a militant, that’s how I started. Active politics was the cure… In our community we believe that obeying a king and passively submitting to his power is just allowing that power to harm the freedom of those at the very bottom. This has nothing to do with politics. My body is political… I cross the street and that’s political. I dress up, that’s political. I breathe: political.”

— Cenerentola, by fumettibrutti & Joe1

Tech backpack for excursion 

Most of this stuff will be in the organizer pouch:

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Concetto: podcast con gente buonə come costoro, ma invece di fare l’Eterna Divulgativa Elementare è podcast per noi, dove essere queer è già dato e possiamo parlare di comunità e di cose interessanti ecc

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