reducing the very real fact of State violence to a fiction idea 

*taps accidentally on a related book*

‘… what incredible bullshit. You know that if actual people with actual magic were to enforce some sort of tort redress, it would absolutely look _nothing_ like state violence.’


‘Hey, wait, what about fiction: _both_ approaches try to happen at the same time? The violent agents of State vs. The negotiators, defenders, pacifiers vs. the same kinds of assholery? *back pockets this idea*’

#PilgrimSky actual play material 

The rules for LINK: RISE, as played for the finale of the first campaign of :

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#PilgrimSky actual play material 

: How a god was born.

‘LINK: RISE’ is a hack of the game ‘link’ by riley rethal:

weird brain app vent 

I tried sending a card to a friend via Internet app magic, but then I read this and ghhhHHHHhghghghghhghghhggghhhhh for some reason having a stranger _hand-write_ their thing in my stead feels absolutely gross

does everyone have to have gross gig economy stuff in 2021

mtg story, ROTFL 

Tyvar is SO thick-headed he _didn’t know he was planeswalking!!!_ He thought he was just finding more realms of Kaldheim!!!!!

self-deprecating a little 

Need to put this on the door of my bedroom, as an eternal reminder to not suck to others.

(made by @SafetyBot)

hey do you want to see aura having Opinions, here's one about a review of Discovery season 3 

ha ha ha what the _fuck_

some recent Sherlock Holmeses I’ve been watching 

Enola Holmes has a special place: it’s Sherlock Holmes’s little sister! And her mother disappeared! And is leaving a trail of clues intended so that only she can read them! But her brothers, as proud as Sherlock is of her, want to send her to prep school instead! But she has learned the trade!

Books by Nancy Springer:

Millie Bobbie Brown as Enola (Henry Cavill as Sherlock!) in a Netflix adaptation:

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some recent Sherlock Holmeses I’ve been watching 

Alexis Hall’s Shaharazad Haas, “a consulting sorceress of mercurial temperament and dark reputation”, who absolutely, canonically and intensely _fucks_ in a world that is ten part Mythos and a sprinkle of Fallen London.

The Affair of the Mysterious Letter:

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some recent Sherlock Holmeses I’ve been watching 

Control-Z is set in a fictional Mexican high school; Ana Maria Becerril plays Sofìa, the one kid who is isolated and Weird but can also read her classmates’ tangled web of hidden bullshit, which comes in handy when someone decides to use their secrets to serially ruin them.


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some recent Sherlock Holmeses I’ve been watching 

Simon Baker is absolutely fucking incredible as Patrick Jane in The Mentalist, which I’ve been marathoning.


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Briar Sovereign of Armour Astir fame is writing a Destiny-inspired Forged in the Dark hack???????

processing some -, mh 

part of my trouble is the way I have internalized, via depression, how much it is a duty and a requirement for me to show up for other people and how much it is a need and an imperative to ensure other people do not need or want or even think to show up for me, while fighting my basic seen-and-be-seen need — the idea that I was given too much and it is my duty to give it back, build spaces and then fuck off away from them to avoid the power differential.

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