itpol, mh, a morning meditating on leftist organization in the US vs my historical experience with it 

tfw concentrating all of these feelings and trauma into writing just to get them out, out of the body where they can't hurt me

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Sometimes I adapt songs in Italian:

- “In Ogni Demone un Arcobaleno”, my actually-in-metric adaptation of Hazbin Hotel’s Inside Of Every Demon Is A Rainbow;

- “La Risposta di Alastor”, same as above for Alastor’s Reprise

art solicitation for cover art by trans & nonbinary artists from birdsite

“We're currently soliciting portfolios and proposals for cover art for issue one! Trans and nonbinary artists, send us your information by August 17th! See our full guidelines here:

Friday, July 24th, 2020; the Inner Richmond in San Francisco.

Whoever trolled everyone else in Turkish has my infinite respect.

subtoot, infosec 

- IMEI and IMSI numbers are never available to read on iOS. They are no longer available to read for Google Play-installed apps only starting in Android 10, regrettably.

- Neither App Store nor Google Play in-app purchase expose customer billing information to the app developer when an in-app purchase occurs.

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the legend of korra + ghost of tsushima spoiler stuff 

it’s something that coalesced while I was reading this piece on repeating ahistoricity without context as a boon for the extreme right in Ghost of Tsushima:

I also learned that Yoshitaka Amano worked for the Abe campaign — portraying him as a samurai in evocation of this right-wing narrative — and whoops he dropped off my “artists I love” list _so fast_

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This is what’s happening here in ep 9, by the way: Hera never comes in contact with the city beyond the Tower or the refugee settlements, who have been protesting the brazen colonial act of just taking African land — for the benefit of mostly white American and European refugees — almost nonstop for more than a decade.

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mh, white fragility, covid, - - - 

Gods. A generation and a half, fucked up. Gods. Every time I think of the incidence of post-infection side effects I stutter and stop.

Meanwhile, six days later:

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econ, silicon valley 

When I grew up, “bootstrapping” meant “executing a business plan to profitability with appropriately leveraged seed capital”, not this bullshit. This bullshit was referred to as “being nonviable”.

It’s not even capitalism, or, better: it is just the background market noise that terrible, market-diminishing speculation grows (has grown) like mold on.

Oh this looks cool as shit, let me just— oh. oh. oh nope 🚮

Still that kind of world? Not the kind of fiction I'd want to see

spoilers for a thing I could write 

let’s go steal the fucking godhead: dramatis personae 3/3

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spoilers for a thing I could write 

let’s go steal the fucking godhead: dramatis personae 2/3

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spoilers for a thing I could write 

let’s go steal the fucking godhead: dramatis personae 1/3

hypnokink, shitpost, birdsite 

@hierarchon “You should post this and tag @BestGirlGrace

Me: “Does it even count it they’re all Graces?”

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