This time we’re doing it. This time I’ve downscoped tightly, have a good idea for the progression mechanic that doesn’t snowball, and if I release two decks (six sealed packets) it’ll be a Finished Thing in itself.

still proud of this and want to put together a deck with it

animated land tribal

A little bit of an update to my Magic iconography:

- All Arena-only modes now have the Arena icon, updating Historic and Gladiator;
- Added cEDH;
- Added missing stream overlay variants for Explorer and Explorer Bo1.

(Images have shortened captions.)

transphobia, webtoon 

me: *sees new cute gay scanlation*
original work: would you like a heaping of transphbic essentialism right in the first issue

result builders: absolutely baffling-level weird.

result builders: also, incredible:

forgive me. I have done many a crime before the computer architecture gods but the dark ritual is complete

mh, mtg 

tfw they call you a good player, but the numbers reveal their lie

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