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thinking about modern essayists i like, and stephen gilmurphy/thecatamites always hits the resonant frequency of my brain with his writing, this recent essay in particular feels particularly merveilles:

"videogames give us a perfect example of how market logic handles the important yet undervalued work of, say, history and archivism: by not doing it."

by the way, if DRM is insufficiently repugnant to you, the SF Signal Twitter account tweets science fiction ebook sales on Amazon:

reducing the very real fact of State violence to a fiction idea 

@InternetEh gods nO

reducing the very real fact of State violence to a fiction idea 

*taps accidentally on a related book*

β€˜β€¦ what incredible bullshit. You know that if actual people with actual magic were to enforce some sort of tort redress, it would absolutely look _nothing_ like state violence.’


β€˜Hey, wait, what about fiction: _both_ approaches try to happen at the same time? The violent agents of State vs. The negotiators, defenders, pacifiers vs. the same kinds of assholery? *back pockets this idea*’

stjepan sejic, suggestive, possible spoilers? 

@wxcafe it’s a mess! I like messes :)

stjepan sejic, suggestive, possible spoilers? 

@wxcafe from what I gather from the sketches on his dA, it looks like these two will vie for Lauren, and/or Lauren will fall for these two

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block rec, racism, anti-semitism 

I mean, this shit just writes itself.

poa dot st - whole instance seems full of shit.


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today i learned that yugioh had no chief animation supervisor so every animator kinda... left their own mark on the characters and there was no one to keep it consistent so then this happened

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ptsd, Carmen Sandiego S4 spoilers 

'Huh, I'm _really_ getting bad PTSD flashback vibes from this episode where Carmen Sandiego gets brainwashed to return to VILE.'

also me: 'Oh, hey, look, a caring person that you look up to suddenly becomes vicious and uncaring. What does this remind you of?'

me: 'Oh.'

Something something I wish @tootapp was offered on the Mac something

I’ve been trying it sideloaded for a bit and it’s been pretty good so far.

@ticky it *was* working as late as yesterday, I think?

@ticky weird. wfm consistently with my Air M1 running latest 11.1.

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Hawaii, US Coups, White Supremacy 

US cartoon of King Kalākaua and Queen Kapi'olani of the coup that imposed the 1887 Bayonet Constitution.

White supremacy played a central role in the coups of 1887 and 1893 in Hawaii, which was a blueprint for US colonial overthrows in Central/South America, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. (Including the US's self-coup)

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@ticky Configurator does download thinned apps IIRC? I've had trouble with those IPAs.

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