@Rasp Dragon Maid — but instead of one arc it’s about 60% of the content, interspersed.

@robotcarsley @req@monads.online they like anime characters that are laaaaarge haaaaaams </intensely 🇮🇹-specific joke>

Update with all viable info.


I'm running from a roommate who turned dangerous in the last 48 hours. I found a place, but it will be $800 to move in. They've thankfully prorated the rent and everything. But, you know, security deposits.

Idk if I'm gonna get my security back from my current living situation, because, you know.

Please help if you can! Ive already gotten some help and I'm so grateful!


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JUST ADDED: On Jun 10 2022: CommandFest Las Vegas [Tabletop, Commander] grind.events/paper/#bd7a57dc40

For all in-person events, check COVID safety resources at the link!

@vyr @junebug look, Decipher Star Wars is almost sort of somewhat respectable.

@vyr two fun facts:

1. @junebug has been talking me into strategy basics

2. I messed up heavily — you don't need to spend an extra tick to score an agenda, you can do so any time it has enough advancement tokens on it!

@vyr no no no I know better than to disbelieve you about outfits

"Aura why so much TCG talk" 1. card games writ large are my Special Interest and 2. I'm passing the time on lunch break waiting for job interview news.

@junebug I've finally switched it in my head from 'traditional [Magic-style] TCG' into 'basically an Eurogame in card form' and now I understand it a lot more.

(Netrunner is perhaps the reigning monarch in this niche, but there’s in my mind a distinction between games that require you to build an engine as a prerequisite to get to a victory state, like Netrunner, and games with a straightforward path to the victory state that have a lot of depth in their rules for constructing alternate paths to fast or uncontested victory, à la “early Magic” or current cEDH or Legacy/Vintage.)

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Gmail will block all third party mail clients starting from June: pmail.com/newsflash.htm

That is, unless they pay $4500 minimum for an audit :D

Stop using gmail and enabling their monopolistic practices, if you already haven't.

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