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gender was invented by john money in 1906 to sell more money


processing feelings with words but without an outlet that I have spoons to pin them in

quiet subtoot 

just because a show isn’t overtly violent doesn’t mean the people in it are innocuous

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Confidence Woman Bios and Images Up, with art by @fluxom_art ! Check it OUT:

@vyr and I hear your cries. "What is a Confidence Woman?" you ask. "What kind of names are Amaranth and Jade?" you beg. "How queer and sexy are these criminals?!" you shriek into your pillow with a quick and violent primal force. Allow us to educate you:

-A "confidence man" is a con artist who tricks people into giving up their money. Here, that's Amaranth's job.

-They're great names, actually.

-Very! And if you don't believe me, read the complete story of their first job, and the well-in-progress second story, here:

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GRRM Hugos issue, body selfie 

if life gives you george martins, make your own fantasy world

with queers and conlangs

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TL,Didn'tHaveAJournalSubscription: A hospital in Saskatoon had trouble with the medical information system its phlebotomists were using: it crashed when they tried to serve certain patients.

It turns out that the software tracked patients birthdates without the time (except in some cases). And so, internally, it used 00:00 as the birth time of day as a placeholder when the actual time was not known. 1/

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uspol vent 

ISTMe, if Biden wins only because Republicans cannot find in him anything to hate, I will be pissed

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Whoa... check this out... someone put the "This is not a place of honor" meme on an old sign! This owns!! Bro let's make a fucken city here

HRT, GnRH agonist implants 

@hierarchon @porsupah (fwiw, I've seen Lupron as an option floated often by Italian trans people, where I guess the local NHS pays for it.)

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Please enjoy my new light novel, Help! I Hacked My Gender To Play Out Of Region Games But Now It's Broken And I Voided The Warranty

@danburzo @enkiv2 @zensaiyuki that UI has changed in Big Sur/iOS 14 to ne more reliable.

phlebotomy meta 

@rey Quest is using a debunked, bad, cookie-cutter method of reducing operation metrics that affect you to a single, useless question, hence why it doesn’t make sense in context.

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me, to @hierarchon: “Normally, my reaction would be ‘let’s kill them and eat their heart to gain their power’, but I think they are actually rubber all the way through.”

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