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@tobi_o their stuff is also generally shit and only available in tiny, noninclusive sizes

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uspol, request for connections 

If anyone has contacts for mutual aid networks in SF/the Bay Area that need assistance or any early alert networks, can they ping me?

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Racism, BLM Donation matching 

Ravelry, the fibrecraft website, is matching donations to & if you forward the receipt to

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If you are interested in the actual history of Pride, and the direct words of folks like Marsha P. Johnson and Sylvia Rivera, I recommend this zine. Knowing your history is important:

Theory means nothing unless you know the history.

Street Transvestite Action Revolutionaries: Survival, Revolt, and Queer Antagonist Struggle

nah. that’s a lot of it but not the whole story. deleted.

fedi meta bs 

It encourages smallness, which is poison to monetization β€” meaning that we can keep this free of profit motive longer and more effectively.

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fedi meta bs 

The fediverse isn’t better than Twitter per se. It’s better than Twitter because participation isn’t gated on the decisions of the few over the many.

It eases the moderation burden on the moderators and encourages making them more personally present and accountable to the members of their instances. Few decisions only affect the network in aggregate, and those decisions have recourse β€” you can always move to an instance that does not defederate.

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uspol, pol, vent, sad 

right now what isn’t farce is the deepest tragedy

@vyr @hierarchon yeah, we should. I’ll dig up something simple to wear

@vyr @hierarchon

- it was on the floor from last night
- stocking and miniskirt and velour jacket
- *shows up in stunning dress, trailing lace and velvet, holding a goblet of gushing red* I would’ve dressed up, but you insisted on brunch, and I thought I’d be informal

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coagulo frizzante colpevole

#GAM #sigla #🝚

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@hierarchon respectively - MCDONALDS - we have food at home - orders a black coffee and leaves

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