subtoot, gif 

subtoot, gif 

Another genderless insult you can use to terrify your enemies 

Just from an ethical standpoint, I am the descendant of black folks kidnapped and forced into slavery and deprived of economic opportunity in all the time afterwards. It is morally corrupt that I owe the US government $50,000 in student loans in an effort to combat that.

「Valkyrie/Battle Tapes」 —

「we are called. no one can take our place.」

「Heat Death Infinity Splitter/65daysofstatic」 —

「emember you kneeling and crying and crying and crying as if we had slain flowers, as if we had killed the concept of happiness and put its blood on your han」

「By My Side/Bryan Kearney, Christina Novelli」 —

「the minor thermodynamic miracle of two bodies in perfect sync floating in the sky」

「Your Hand In Mine/Explosions In The Sky」 —

「so afraid when they told me, that you would be with us, that you would be in danger, because it only had at that moment dawned on me the danger we were all in, th」

「Into the Sun/Bassnectar」 —

「it was so hard for him, just the _idea_ that things were not the shape he was told when he was a kid, that even falling and loving and screaming could be something new. T」

「Alive/Battle Tapes」 —

「you remember when we were kids and we held each other's hands and we blushed and we thought things would be okay. you made m」


「Higher / Third Party」 —

@vyr I make mixtapes for public consumption and then have a master playlist for writing music.

Which reminds me, a sec…

The b-sides playlist is going to be REACH HEAVEN, RULE HELL, of course.

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