jesus ever Fricken chribst this is Done. I typeset it all. All it needs is laying out textures/importing into TP/TTS/Screentop/

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Effing DONE. Between tonight and tomorrow I typeset, publish, do a first play pass to catch obvious bs, and then we’ll see.

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Progress on DCL TCG, live!

When the six packets columns are filled with cards, we're good to go for DCL: Playtest Kit.

My Idol Sits The Next Desk Over spoilers 

apparently the shitty amatonormative counterbalance trope wrt making a polyam manga is that one of the people in the group apparently has to be toxic and shitty

@vyr @hierarchon yeah, they want you to media prefers-color-scheme: dark and let them decide what may

@KitRedgrave I love the way it absolutely both leverages and abuses the fact this is an asymmetrical card game

I’m on the N in San Francisco and someone is watching the latest Tim Rogers video on their phone

telling a friend about THE KEYFORGE CONSPIRACY which is the funniest thing i know about from board games

I don’t understand how to map what people can do when they do game jams to things I could do myself. I’ve made seven eights of a game and it took me fifteen years.

I figured out the three dark Core Links and they’re a banger, sorry, I don’t make the rules. (I am literally building a system of rules.)

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