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TIL I learned that there is at least one Oakland cop that makes more than thrice my salary to be a fucking cop and it hit me bad for no good reason

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Time for another biased poll.

Do you know what CC and BCC stand for in eMail without having to look it up?

I would appreciate it if you boosted this toot. :-)

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I could use some help from #solarpunk fiction fans. I'm trying to find a short anthology but I don't remember the title. It was published around 2018 by a group from a university. I remember seeing it from one of the defunct solarpunk instances.

It had 4 short stories:

- a big solar flower in a coal town
- Phoenix had a big solar "snake"
- desert cultures of indigenous people and people who lived under "the thumb"
- Detroit had a large framework that people could hang panels on.


transphobia, anime this season 

Kind of rooting for him at this point. He gets to fuck with the person that did that to him the very next episode, tho in an asshole way, but this is kind of a gritty, morally gray anime and the protagonists work as secret police for a regime, so,

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transphobia, anime this season 

He turns out to be a villain as well.

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I just wrote a tool to "De-GameFAQs" a text document. In short it does the following:

1. Unwrap hard wordwrapped plaintext documents
2. Identify section headings and set them apart in the doc from paragraph content so they stand out
3. Identify any run-on sentence beyond a certain readable length and naively attempt to split them at reasonable clause junctions
4. Naively take every paragraph and split it at every 4th sentence if it's over a certain follow-able length

It probably butchers grammar but uh... it was to render even readable a document that did this.


I wonder what Set Booster Sealed would look like.

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Me: “Il femminismo delle intersezioni, la cultura del consenso e la politica delle identità sono lenti necessarie.”

Qualsiasi mio follow 🇺🇸: “Certo! Se una persona marginalizzata ci sta parlando, specie una persona all’intersezione di più marginalizzazioni, ascoltare, dare voce e regolare il nostro agire sono valori essenziali; dobbiamo essere grati per la loro energia e fare spazio alle loro emozioni, inclusa la rabbia.”

Reazione standard 🇮🇹: “mA aLlOrA nOn PoSsO pArLArE? brum brum macchinina”

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@karol n’è questione di _accettare idee_ che se fosse questione di accettare idee abbiamo visto quanto la cultura è rapida ad accettare idee se le spiattella il populista di turno

È questione che è valore fondamentale e costitutivo della cultura italiana non avere a cuore un cazzo le persone.

GRS, +++ 

oh gods I have insurance approval gods help me it’s happening

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Cripple crowdfund, request for help 

Hey friends!
I really hate to ask - my partner and I are both disabled, have been having a really rough time lately, and have had some issues with our landlord. We're worried how he'll react if we can't pay him.

We need to get him $623 in the next couple days, which we’re working out, but anything folks could throw in will help; we also need groceries and to pick up our meds. I really appreciate anything that people can do to help!

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@gael @kravietz CIVIL did not "save journalism":

ClimateCoin did not stop climate change:

NFTs are not actually helping artists sell digital art:

Seriously, cryptocurrency techbros need to just stop. Best thing they can do to fight climate change is to switch to speculating on tulips, instead of BTC and ETH. At least tulips don't emit carbon dioxide.

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@gael @kravietz no.

It's time to stop wasting time and effort on trying to cram cryptocurrencies into every problem space, and instead use that time and effort on solving those problems in the first place.

Cryptocurrencies are, by and large, a solution in search of a problem.

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Another genderless insult you can use when you remember your keys are still on your desk 


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Hopefully one of the last requests for money i will have in a while.

Rent is due on the first.

I get paid the amount needed.... After the first. Like sunday afternoon.

Any assistance would be LOVELY.

Hell, i can even pay back after said paycheck. Lmk.


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