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anime said 'what if girls… were racehorses', and you said yes, so now they did 'what if boys… were jockeys'. see where the slippery slope leads

mh, adhd 

- have a special interest in collectible/living card games
- have it fill so much of your waking day
- put emotional stakes in being competent at them
- be absolute dogshit at them
- keep trying for 24 years without improvement
- survive the onslaught of RSD for that long
- keep going regardless
- still absolute dogshit

a complete review of X-Gender #1 

oh my fucking gods sweetie what did compulsory cisheteronormativity and a culture of no mental health help do to you. holy shit

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dall-e is an impressive technological marvel, but DID YOU KNOW: for a nominal fee, you can hire unfathomably talented artists living in poverty to render any and all of your invasive thoughts NO QUESTIONS ASKED

Reading X-Gender #1, and

they should've gone to a kinky queer meetup, not just a generic dating one

because every seriously kinky person is, generally, a sex nerd and easily that overlaps with other kinds of nerd culture as well.

holy shit the new zachtronics game and aslo the final zachtronics game looks like so much

Urgent question for #queer members of the Fediverse: Do you know of any resources for giving a presentation to small kids (1st and 2nd grade, to be precise) about #LBGTQ issues? I was asked by a local international school to do just this, tomorrow! This group of #children has already been introduced to concepts of #gender and different kinds of #families. I plan to read "What Riley Wore" to them, and maybe also "I Am Jazz!" and "Stella Brings the Family." #boosts appreciated! 💖

kids, don't disturb me. I'm napping in my gamer chair

begpost, boost please (situation update) 

still navigating this situation - my partner is safe now but we're in debt. work-wise i have my union and the department of human rights on the case, but my family and i are still down to one income - we can pay our rent but not much more than that. any boosts or aid you can provide are so deeply appreciated. the post this one is in reply to has seen a ton of traffic and i can't articulate how much it means - thank you!! <3

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Aid posting (again, sorry), please boost 

Hey all, once again my flatmate and I are stuck with no decent food to eat in the house and no money for food to eat, we've exhausted both of our bank accounts completely, and there's not a lot else we can really do for the next couple of days until I get a universal credit payment (which i think is on friday). My paypal and ko-fi links are on my profile, thanks for any help you can give us.

meta meta 

Just absolutely sad that _any_ interaction that isn’t absolutely 100% aspecific or harmless produces immediate sealioning.

My main thought about crypto is "ethereum" is too cool a word for them to have ruined, it sounds like a scifi future drug that gives you short range telekinesis or something

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