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Girlfriend Girlfriend’s Sakisaki: oblivious polyam bisexual icon.


Hi everyone,

So sorry to ask that but I've had an accident after the pharmacist sent me away yelling at me for being here 10mins before closing, after saying yes to deliver the meds tho

I fell in the street completely shocked, hurt myself and couldn't get groceries...

Could you please help us out to order food for tonight and tomorrow, pay for groceries on Monday and pay a doc appointment to see if the body's ok please?

Thanks for sharing and or donating 🖤

"Mamma possiamo prendere Super Smash Bros?"

"Abbiamo già Super Smash Bros a casa"

Super Smash Bros a casa:

We're having a baby on the 27th!

Unfortunately, our dear child chose a due date right in the middle of the dry season for millwrights (my wife's profession), and as I'm disabled already I'll need a lot of physical support the week after birth as well. This leaves us kinda fucked on rent, since we couldn't find much work this month.

Hoping to find $950 so we can welcome our new creature in a calm and stable place! #mutualaid
venmo: @londonshine
$app: $glamorshark

okay y'all shit is actually going down now, we have shelter to run to, there's a date and everything

gonna need about $700 for a hotel and $200 for groceries and meds. if we can get that we have somewhere to go afterwards.

thank you everyone. anything helps. I'd love to offer commissions but I likely won't have my desktop for a while...

CashApp $nuktibromos

Big Bad Game-a-thon submissions close at the end of the month. If my rambling about it got you thinking of submitting something, please get that in soon :)

BBG is a small-scale online-only speedrun and showcase event I put on with the help of a few other folks in the kusoge/jank appreciation community that focuses on bad, jank, weird, and underappreciated stuff.

The event will be the weekend of Step 16, Signups are over yonder:

People in this interview, including the director of this documentary, keep going on with calling the physical body images of these people the ‘real’ images of these people and oh, buddy,

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hashtag the cis and their silly conception of how personhood must somehow always be tied to flesh

This whole thing is just me looking at Arixmethes and going:

WotC, you cowards.

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quick clarifications stuff 

- Borea’s activated ability can target any creature that’s also a land, or any one Dragon, including Borea itself.
- If Borea stops being a creature in response to its activated ability, the ability will do nothing as it resolves. It can be activated even if Borea isn’t a creature, but it will do nothing. (It still requires a legal target.)

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quick clarifications stuff 

- Borea’s ability never counts itself as one of the creatures it needs in order to become a creature itself.
- A creature land that’s also itself a Dragon, like a Faceless Haven, only counts as one creature for Borea’s ability.
- The first time you play Borea, you need 3 creatures. The second time you need 4, the third 5, and so on.
- Borea only counts the number of times it was played from the command zone to raise this number. Playing it from hand doesn’t raise it.

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quick clarifications stuff 

- As it is a legendary creature, Borea can be your commander.
- Borea doesn’t have a cost. Since it isn’t cast, the “commander tax” does not apply to it.
- Its first ability lets you play it as a land from the command zone. This still obeys all other rules (for example, it uses your land play for the turn).
- Borea is a mountain and a forest and can be tapped for mana.

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I started drafting a commander deck for my custom commander, though I am also going to buy Raggadragga to helm it if people don’t like the idea of a custom commander.

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