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Hey folks,

Sorry to ask but we're disabled and our apartment, especially our bedroom, is really insanitary and it's getting worse with time. The walls are rotting and so are our belongings.

When we wash clothes it starts rotting after like 2 days if we don't wear it so we have to wear the same ones all the time.

We need to buy boxes to protect our clothes and books mostly + get a sack truck to get rid off some rotten furniture asap.

Please boost, thanks for any help!


I was pissed earlier because part of why I’m not getting better at the things I want to be good at is because the social part of learning is not available to me

I’m _actively grateful_ I get to play the game that matters to me with people I do not have to actively spend time around and that they cannot communicate with me in any way through the game. I’m glad my emotional well-being is not in the hands of strangers more likely to harm than help

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I’m very tired of seeing people assume that the ability to be social is easy, desirable, plentiful, available and that any problems with other people are surmountable

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“your community needs you”

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mh - 

gods, how bad does one have to be to be practicing the same thing, for decades, certain years literally every day, and still be horseshit at it

2022 fediverse success metrics 

Did you notice that the fediverse has an overwhelming problem of antiblackness? Also other bigotries, like ableism, but mostly antiblackness?

Did you figure out what it looks like in your circles? When it's you and your friends?

Did you speak up against it? Call in your friends, yes, but speak publicly against /that/ antiblackness, the one your white people want to ignore?

I really wish the metrics for this year were joyful, but they cannot be. Too much happened.

Sentences I thought or said in the last decade:
“Let me ring my headphones.”
“My watch is installing a software update.”
“I will never let the TV listen to me!"

animation nerd bullshit, ignore me 

The animation in Harley Quinn is completely fucked in one third of the episodes. Interpolation!!!!!! In, like, only four shots in the entire episode. For some goddamn reason.

me: when the estradiol kicks in i'm gonna go for like a cutie-sexy communist androgynous lite-femme crimecore girlboss look, like if lisa from blackpink was high key on some Kropotkin + t4t shit but also somehow an independent cheugy CEO
walt from breaking bad:

sorry to ask again, but I still need about $150 for my phone bill tomorrow. it's kinda my lifeline. another $50 for groceries would be fantastic, if possible.

I'm going to know by the end of this week whether I'll be allowed to go back to work soon, but I still won't be paid until end October even if I start Monday. if we know each other at all (to trust me) I can try to pay folks back then?

I can also do sketch commissions!
CashApp $nuktibromos


I’ve written a lil bit about some stuff I was doing to make ’the ancients’ not a shitty trope repetition in @vyr & mine’s Pilgrim Sky setting:

A dispassionate review of Nona the Ninth 

Please knock it down two notches? Please.

Weekly Round-Up, 7-13 September 2022: BL in Italy, Marriage Equality in Harvest Moon, and Misogyny in Manga Discussion

i love scrolling through steam releases and just finding the weirdest fucking shit imaginable

Morally we just can't wear the same stuff all the time anymore.

All our clothes are actually into bin bags and we're just gonna lose it all if we don't wash and protect everything into boxes asap.

We can't move out until a few months at least and we'd have to throw everything away way before then if we don't act right now.

Any donation or boost would be really great, thank you so much in advance fedi friends 🍀

Here's my PayPal again:

Please boost, thanks everyone 💙

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