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"robespierre is widely considered the Miles Edgeworth of pre-revolutionary France"

@eject this isn't funny, popes only inflate to 5x their size when they feel threatened. Do not tap on the glass of the popemobile.

Strage, in piazza la città che non dimentica [foto]

In corteo dietro familiari delle vittime e rappresentanze istituzionali lo spezzone delle Realtà antifasciste bolognesi, quello per i prigionieri anarchici (entrambi hanno lasciato la piazza per protesta mentre parlava Lepore) quello dell'Osservatorio militante antifascista (che si è diretto al memoriale dello Shoah).

(Just writing it down so you can see why I’ve been acting like a reactionary little fucking idiot yesterday. Burn my brain tbh)

In piazza con le Realtà antifasciste bolognesi nel 42esimo anniversario dell'attentato alla stazione di #Bologna del #2agosto 1980: strage fascista, strage di Stato! La memoria è materia viva, la memoria è nelle strade, antifascismo è ogni giorno!

I am a fucking idiot, mh 

- this also instilled into me a vast, unending hate of self-proclaimed authority
- living in a nation where power capture is pervasive also made me substantially afraid of any organized group that has unaddressed power currents or dynamics
- violence shuts me down
- this means I absolutely suck as any kind comrade
- I try to do good quietly where it isn’t seen but philanthropy absolutely fucking sucks, it does very little substantial
- it’ll be just to put me to the wall.

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I am a fucking idiot, mh 

- I am absolutely missing the bigger picture
- My PTSD stuff goes freeze, fawn, then flight. Emotional abuse via threats of violence and abandonment drilled learned helplessness and fucked the fight right out of me.
- Wanting to express myself in things that excite me, like my interest in computer-human interfacing, are deeply tied in with my coping strategy of trying to hide and do my thing because I don’t know how to function in the real-life violent world we live in

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I am a fucking idiot, mh 

- I’d pass on Lockheed Martin but also I am not a disabled trans man looking for a WFH IT job to survive
- fuck Lockheed Martin btw. crater it into the ground.
- fuck America.
- romanticizing a European POV bristles me heavily. Solidarity to comrades there but by and large table stakes there are _more conservative_ than US
- I say this as the grand-nephew of decorated WWII partisans
- I am in constant despair
- I am clinging to this coastal sliver of momentary safety

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I am a fucking idiot, mh 

- pile-ons on people hit my PTSD hard
- I work for Apple. I’m the stereotypical trans femme Bay Area techie you should hate and no amount of doing good will ever or should ever save me from the wall when the revolution comes
- I’m kind of stuck in this position because I’ve made living situation choices where I need to be consistently contributing to household money
- heck, I’m excited to be working there. I absolutely fucking suck.
- I still bristle at violence heavily

violence, implied self-harm, mh, politics 

Kill the little trauma-shaped counterrevolutionary in your head, I guess.

birdsite, meta 

People are waiting in the wings to find an excuse to do lasting harm to you, example seven million.

And to be clear as much as you all rock I cannot allow myself to be vulnerable with almost any of you; any one of you will eventually harm me or someone I love and I’d rather be completely isolated than allow harm to occur. Sometimes I forget, but days like these I remember 2014 and shudder.

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birdsite meta rant, sui 

The fatality count from this tactic is nonzero.

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birdsite meta rant 

Piling on a person with a known history of mental health issues, especially through a communication medium that for like people is a lifeline to community, is a foreseeable cause of harm, and thus, in itself, violence.

This isn’t to say you shouldn’t employ violence, just be cognizant of what is going to happen.

Urban fantasy setting where instead of pigeons there's just harpies.

They aren't, like, overly sexual, and they still eat garbage off the street and trash bins and stuff like that, they're just human sized and terrifying, but as harmless as regular pigeons unless harassed.

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